FitnessBank Privacy Policy

FitnessBank is committed to serving the financial needs of its customers. As such, we are entrusted with sensitive confidential information so that we can provide the highest quality service and products to our customers. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers’ information.
As a part of that commitment, we have adopted the following privacy principles and have implemented them at all levels of the organization.

  1. Customers Expect Privacy: We believe the protection and confidentiality of our customers’ information is one of our most important responsibilities. We take this responsibility seriously and have designed policies and procedures to prevent misuse of this information.
  2. Special Step Tracker App Information
    • FitnessBank’s use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

    • We collect basic account information such as your name, email address, date of birth, username and password that helps secure and provide you with access to our Services.

    •  If you link your Facebook or Google account to FitnessBank: We get information such as email address that is used to secure and provide you with access to our App.
    • We use your contact information so we can respond to your support requests and, if you are a bank account client, link your activity to determine your interest rate.

    • FitnessBank collects your Activity Data including Steps taken, Distance, Cycling, Indoor Cycling, and Swimming.

    • This data is collected to in order to provide the services of the app which includes determination your interest rate, participation in challenges and groups, and connection to your bank account.

    • The information stored is gathered such as platform type and version, technical performance metrics, and details about technical exceptions and crashes to improve services.

    • The information gathered is used to provide app services to track activity data in order to determine bank account interest rate, fulfill online challenges, and create a leaderboard (users can opt-out of the leaderboard).

    • Information collected is only shared to third parties for troubleshooting and diagnostics.

    • It’s important that you’re always safe and secure when using our services. We use some of your information to ensure we are only allowing secure usage by authenticating your account details, protecting against fraud and abuse and enforcing our terms and policies.

  3. Customer Benefits of Information Management Practices: We collect, retain, and use information about our customers to help administer our business or provide products, services, or other opportunities to them. We collect and retain information for specific business purposes, and we will tell our customers why we are collecting and retaining the information upon request. We use the information to protect and administer our customers’ records, accounts, and funds; to comply with certain laws and regulations; to help us design or improve our products and services; and to understand our customers’ financial needs so that we can provide our customers with quality products and services.
  4. Maintenance of Accurate Information: We have established procedures to ensure that our customers’ financial information is accurate, current, and complete. We also pledge to correct inaccurate or incomplete information in a timely manner.
  5. Limitations on Employee Access to Information: Each of our employees is required to follow our organization’s “Rules of Conduct”, which states that all customer information is confidential and privileged. The appropriate disciplinary action is taken if this policy or procedures relating to this policy are not followed.
  6. Maintenance of Security Standards to Protect Customer Information: We are committed to the security of our customers’ financial and personal information. We maintain security procedures designed to help prevent unauthorized access to their confidential information. We maintain and grant access to their information only in accordance with our internal security standards.
  7. Restrictions on the Disclosure of Account Information: We do not reveal specific information about customers’ accounts or other personally identifiable data to parties outside our affiliates for their independent use unless: a) the customer requests or authorizes it; b) the information is provided to help complete a transaction initiated by the customer; c) the information is provided to a reputable credit bureau or similar informational reporting agency; or d) the disclosure otherwise is lawfully permitted or required. We do not provide account or personal information to non affiliated companies for the purpose of independent telemarketing or direct mail marketing of any non-financial products or services of those companies.
  8. Maintaining Customer Privacy in Business Relationships with Third Parties: When we conduct business with third parties, we require our vendors and suppliers to maintain similar standards of conduct regarding the privacy of personally identifiable customer information provided to them. 8. Providing Privacy Information to Customers and Responding to Inquiries. We value our customers’ relationship. We want our customers to understand our commitment to ensuring their personal privacy. As a result of this commitment, we have developed this Privacy Policy, which is available to our customers. Customers who have questions about this policy or the privacy of their customer information may call us at 855-463-4825 or write to us at FitnessBank, 400 Galleria Parkway SE, Suite 900, Atlanta, GA 30339.

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