Meet Justice Carr

Active Banker  

Home base:  Acworth, GA

Home life: Staying Healthy & Active 

Work life: Deposit Operations 

Justice Carr is a FitnessBank Deposit Operator that shares a love for fitness and healthy active lifestyle. Prior to joining our FitnessBank team, Justice from a young age believed being an active person was important and as she grew older it became one of her passions. Staying active doesn’t just help Justice to feel better physically, it has also helped her to feel mentally stronger. 

Since being apart of our team, Justice has used the app to encourage herself to reach goals that she set. This helps her to visually see her progress and the growth she has accomplished. 

How do you incorporate steps into your day? 

“Besides trying to walk around in between client calls, I make an effort to go to the gym at least once a day. Some days I can fit it into my lunch break, busy days I hit the gym after work.”

Why do you feel being an active person is important?

“It’s important to keep yourself energized through maintaining an active lifestyle to live a long healthy life.” 

What benefits do the step challenge have on your overall health?

“I’m in the best shape of my life because it motivates me to keep moving even on a rainy day because I see how far all the other participants are ahead.”


Favorite time to run: After work, later in the day 

Favorite workout song: Any up beat pop song

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