Checking Accounts Will Never Be the Same.

Be the 1st to Pick Your 10K Card - Swim. Bike. Run. Multi-Sport.

Pick Your Sport. Pick Your Card.

We recently opened enrollment for a Fitness Checking Account with The 10K Card. Cardholders will be rewarded with Bonus Steps and a highly competitive interest rate on a checking account for tracking a 10,000 steps per day average. Even better rates for Combo Accounts – holding a Fitness Checking and a Fitness Savings Account.

SWIM Design.

Choose the streamlined, hydrodynamic design that best showcases your passion for swimming.

Cycle Design.

Choose the aerodynamic, lite-weight design that can easily tuck into your training kit and allow you to stay fueled up along the ride.

RUN Design.

Choose the ideal design that can go anywhere you run, walk or hike on the planet. 

Multi-sport Design.

Choose the design that complements your passion for details and triathlon challenges. 

Open a Fitness Checking Account in less than 2 Minutes

You'll just need:

Driver’s License
or Passport

Social Security

Bank Account
& Routing Number
OR Debit/Credit Card

Step Your Way to Great Rates.

Checking Accounts Will Never Be The Same

Download the FitnessBank Step Tracker app to Make Every Step Count.

At FitnessBank, when you open a Fitness Checking account with America’s first active lifestyle bank, you’ll earn interest for reaching your monthly step goals, for training smart.

Simply download our app, and link it to your smart device. It’s a great way to get fit and get paid.

Works with...

America’s First Active Lifestyle Bank.

We’re Stepping in the Right Direction.

At FitnessBank, we’re revisiting the relationship between our bank and our customers. We embrace the evolution of the modern workplace, which commonly rewards for healthy living. The benefits are proven to enhance morale, extend retention and impact the bottom line.

Ready. Set. Let’s Get Stepp’n.

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Download the FitnessBank Step Tracker app to start Making Every Step Count. 

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Get Started.

To open your new checking or savings account in minutes, you will need your 

  • Driver’s License or Passport 
  • Social Security Number 
  • Current Bank Account & Routing Number

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As of &zwnj, the interest rate(s) and annual percentage yield(s) are accurate. Interest rates may change as often as daily without prior notice. Fees may reduce account earnings. Rates are valid for accounts opened online and require a valid email address.The interest rate on this account is based on the Average Daily Steps from the prior month. Rate updates for average daily steps from the prior month are reviewed no later than the second week of the following month. The initial APY will be current top tier until the rate adjustment date following first full month that the account has been opened. Rates are valid for accounts opened online and require a valid email address.