4 5,000 Step Walks in Washington, DC

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Ready to get motivated? Here are great locales in D.C. for an extended stroll. At these three popular locations, you’ll easily get in at least 5,000 steps. 

First, the Anacostia River.

This body of water is flanked by a nearly 3-mile trail. The sights are enhanced yearly, giving visitors all the more reason to pick this spot for their next walk.

Annapolis Rock & Baltimore Waterfront Promenade

Looking for a longer trail? Annapolis Rock includes a portion of the Appalachian Trail. The scenery is beautiful — it’s the perfect place to stroll with a walking buddy. Annapolis Rock is actually near Boonsboro, in Maryland’s Washington County.

Also in nearby Baltimore is Baltimore Waterfront Promenade. This pathway follows about seven miles among boat slips, restaurants, historic sights, and parkland. Water taxis are also available for sight-seeing or your return trip. The views and surroundings are perfect if you’re looking for a guaranteed 5,000 steps.

Billy Goat Trail

And then there’s the aptly-titled Billy Goat Trail. It’s a complicated trail to undertake, and includes rock-hopping and a steep climb.  Those who’ve braved its terrain report some of the nicest views the area has to offer.

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