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Meet the

Real People
Stepping In the Right Direction

The team at FitnessBank hits the streets, staircases, local gyms and nearby Braves stadium to get our steps in each day. We embrace a work-life balance and practice what we preach.

Chief Fitness Executive

As president of FitnessBank, Ed champions the lifestyle bank vision. He maintains the pace and inspires results in and out of the office. He is currently training with Jeff Galloway and encouraging our team to make every step count.

Marketing Executive

Danny — a social runner who can talk every step of the way.  His background in endurance events and marketing adds to the story as a lifestyle bank. He’s a founder of the Louisiana Marathon and Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, and has decades of experience managing marketing programs in financial services, travel-tourism, gaming, and events.

Glenn Shanholtzer

Mobile App Executive

Glenn — a.k.a. “Jack-of-All-Trades-Master-of-Many” — managed the development of the step tracking app and the integration with admin and banking services. He knows the ins and outs of the FitnessBank solutions and provides technical support to our team and our customers.

Customer service Executive

Katrina’s likeness can be found in the dictionary next to TEAM LEADER, BIG SMILE and CUSTOMER SERVICE. She manages a team of engaged, active listeners who take ownership of your questions and concerns until they find the correct answers. She and members of her team also can be found under SUNSHINE, LUCKY CHARMS, UNICORNS and BRIGHT RAINBOWS.

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