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How it


Train. Play. Run. Walk.
Live an active lifestyle.


Open a Fitness Savings Account and Download our Step Tracker app.

And Earn.

Hit your Step Goals each month to earn the highest rates on the planet.

The Basic Steps

Set Step Goals

After downloading the FitnessBank Step Tracker app and linking it with your Garmin, FitBit, Apple Health or Google Play; you can set your Step Goal.

This step will configure the app to notify you throughout each month as you Keep Stepp’n!

Track Steps

Be sure to wear your step tracker each and every day. All day.
Make Every Step Count. 

Earn Interest

Each month your average daily step count is measured and your the corresponding interest rate for your Fitness Savings Account is set.

Stepping It Up

Compete in Step Challenges

FitnessBank hosts open step challenges to make step counting fun and inspire healthy competition. Top the Leaderboard and win prizes and awards.

Host Step Challenges

In addition to offering our own step challenges, our customers and partners can host their own step challenges – which can be open to the public or set for a private group.
To create your own step challenges, email Customer Support at onlinesupport@fitnessbank.fit

Manage your Step Bank

Users of the Step Tracker app accrue steps as rewards when they refer others to the app, open a Fitness Savings Account, top a Leaderboard or participate in a promotional activity. The StepBank helps you stay on track to meet your Step Goal and earn your high interest rate.

To use some or all of your Bonus Steps, open the FitnessBank Step Tracker app and select StepBank. Your bonus steps will be applied to boost your average steps in case of injury or that lazy weekend we all need once in a while.

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