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Top the Leaderboard to
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Step Challenge of the Month •
The August Open

Top 25 Leaderboard of All FitnessBank Customers

Ranking Name Average Steps This Month
vickielynn05 21,465 Steps
kgold 19,847 Steps
RogerJSchmidt 18,941 Steps
4th dlinden 16,390 Steps
5th jfgalloway 16,049 Steps
6th ruthcn1 14,145 Steps
7th sfreich 13,335 Steps
8th moyaneville 12,820 Steps
9th Megalamom 12,667 Steps
10th ashleyhullender 12,549 Steps
11th GlennTest 12,519 Steps
12th bhart 12,207 Steps
13th kelliott 12,140 Steps
14th Juba.FJR 12,114 Steps
15th PapaDieSel21 11,904 Steps
16th ethan2332 11,793 Steps
17th Cade Mayfield 11,765 Steps
18th Jarrendale62 11,337 Steps
19th will 11,312 Steps
20th avoris 10,928 Steps
21st Shodai Fit 10,648 Steps
22nd CindyMillerAtl 10,226 Steps
23rd j_gorley 10,148 Steps
24th ahbell14 10,046 Steps
25th sayraharris1215 9,874 Steps

FitnessBank Step Challenges

Step Challenges allow for healthy competition among family, friends and co-workers — as well as any FitnessBank customers sharing similar interests.

We offer a general FitnessBank Step Challenge of the Month involving all customers.

We also host seasonal and promotional Step Challenges. Both types of challenges are open to the public and we present awards and prizes to those who top the leaderboard.

Each challenge is different, so the prizes and awards criteria are defined in the description of the challenge.

To start a Step Challenge, email onlinesupport@fitnessbank.fit:

  • The name of your challenge and a short description of it
  • The start and stop dates of your challenge for it to be created

The FitnessBank team will create your challenge and you’ll find it in the FitnessBank Step Challenges section of the app. Users can join and leave the Challenge with the same process as joining or leaving a Group.

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