FitnessBank Proves Concept as America’s First Active Lifestyle Bank

We’d like to extend our warmest gratitude to DepositAccounts.com for its recent coverage of FitnessBank.

DepositAccounts.com paints an accurate picture of the value we add to customers with our health conscious incentives. Author Ken Tumin graciously crowns FitnessBank “the rate leader for online savings accounts.”

As Tumin points out, the interest rate on our savings accounts has gradually increased over the last few years. Customers can now earn up to 3.5% interest with one of these accounts, and a 3.6% rate when you open both FitnessBank Savings and Checking accounts.

Cash in on Your Steps for a Higher Interest Rate

For those new to FitnessBank, DepositAccounts.com outlines exactly how customers can earn these benefits. For our Fitness Savings Account, it takes 12,500 daily steps per month to lock in a 3.5% rate for the following month. For Seniors, the count requirement is 10,000 daily steps.

For some, this step count may seem daunting. Yet never underestimate how much movement can happen in a day of intentional activity. And even if you don’t hit the 12,500 step count for the 3.5% rate, you can still qualify for a lower rate on the account. You can check out the DepositAccounts.com article to see a full breakdown of the rates by step count. Contact one of our bankers today for more information.

A Novelty in Online Banking

As Tumin highlights, this approach to online banking separates us from the rest of the online banking community. The bottom line? “When compared to Savings Accounts and Money Market Accounts tracked by DepositAccounts.com that are available nationwide, FitnessBank’s Fitness Savings APY currently ranked first.”

Step into Higher Rates at FitnessBank

 Click here to read DepositAccounts.com‘s comprehensive assessment of our service requirements. 

Ready to experience America’s First Active Lifestyle Bank? Opening an account is quick and easy. For more questions, head to the Contact page to reach one of our bankers.