How to Spot Your Stolen Identity

There’s nothing fun about dealing with a stolen identity.

It’s a stressful hassle that may take some time to sort out. That’s why it’s best to have as many securities in place to prevent it outright. But should you become a victim of this heinous crime, there are some glaring warning signs to be aware of.

The easiest way to tell if someone’s compromised your accounts is by checking your statements regularly.

Only you know what you’ve actually charged to your account. If you have a good home bank, they’ll notify you if a suspicious charge occurs. But, it’s still good to take a preventative initiative by viewing your records on a regular basis.

How Debt Can Help

The vast majority of Americans report having some form of debt. But when those debt collectors come calling, it may be good to hear them out. That’s because they may be calling about debt or a credit line that you did not actually take out.

This could be a result of someone opening a line of credit in your name without you knowing. If a call comes in about you owing something you don’t recognize, it’s time to do some digging. Be careful not to share any personal information when on the line, though. This could be a possible scam, and thus you wouldn’t want to hand over any sensitive info.

Working with FitnessBank

As stated, having a credible, well intentioned home bank in your corner is a great step to circumventing a stolen identity. The key is to bank with a trusted name, completed with verifiable resources and existing client base. That’s where FitnessBank comes in.

Our team of expert financial advisors are here to ensure your private information stays private. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.