Preventing Identity Theft

It’s always the bruises you don’t see coming that sting the most.

When it comes to identity theft, multiply that sting by 1,000. That’s because, as is the case with most instances of thievery, the ramifications far outlast the initial moment. But what’s also true here, is that there are steps you can take to avoid the concern altogether.

Or, at the very least, be in a position where bouncing back isn’t as much of a chore. That’s why FitnessBank has put together some detailed information for you to reference. Following these steps will prove beneficial should your identity ever find itself at risk.

What Does it Mean to Have Your Identity Stolen?

So what exactly happens when your identity is stolen?

Identity theft is when some unlawfully takes your private, pertinent information to pass off as their own in fraudulent endeavors. If it’s happened to you before, look at the bright side: at least you’re not alone.

The number of identity theft cases within a given year in America ranges in the millions. And there’s no limit to the types of fraud you can be a victim of. Whether it’s your credit, medical records, institutional benefits, etc. Each of these are at risk, and it pays to be vigilant when protecting them.

Banking with FitnessBank

One of the main ways to protect against this is to keep a watchful eye over your mail. Improper disposal of documents holding sensitive information is a leading contributing factor to identity theft. Try shredding these instead of throwing them away whole.

We’ve barely scratched the surface on the subject, but this is a great start to keeping yourself covered. Be sure to check back into our blog archive for more informational pieces that are forthcoming. And if you’re looking for a bank you can trust to keep your information safe, there’s FitnessBank. Contact us today to learn more about our services.