Spotting Fraud w/ FitnessBank

As we’ve noted before, FitnessBank loves the elders in our community.

The time you’ve put in on this earth deserves to be held in high regard. Unfortunately though, not everyone sees this as an opportunity to exalt you. Instead, they take it as an opportunity to try and scam you out of your well earned money and peace of mind.

But luckily, institutions like FitnessBank are here to keep you up to date on efforts against these scams. There are some great tactics for spotting fraud you can undertake. We’ve listed them below for your review.

Verify Your Sources

There are several, easy to access tools that can help you authenticate a source with ease. First, you can try running some potential scams by trusting family members or friends. If they spot something out of place, it may be good to bring the right sources in to engage in further investigation.

There are also some great web pages out there that exist for the purpose of tracking and validating business. Try doing a search on them with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to see what their data reflects. Once you’ve determined that they may be up to no good, block all access they may have to you (phone, email, etc.)

Due Diligence with FitnessBank

If you even get a whiff that there may be some wrongdoing with your accounts, it’s good to take immediate action. In addition to blocking these sources, try resetting all passwords and account access, just to be safe.

This is, of course, an abbreviated line up of possible efforts. Addressing these things takes a groundswell of support. One great preventative measure is to only do business with reputable institutions. This is where FitnessBank comes in. Learn more about our services by browsing our site, and contact us anytime with any questions.