What Does Financial Stability Look Like?

Keeping finances in order can feel like a full- time job

complete with endless overtime

What does a healthy financial standing actually look like? Today, FitnessBank shares the top signs indicating you’ve reached financial stability. Read on to learn more. 

As an adult, it’s likely that you make expenditures on a regular basis. Making all your monthly payments on time? That’s a good sign. If you can meet typical weekly expenses without having to dip into any cash reserves, even better.

Debt & Wants

Another area that says a lot about your financial well being is your debt. If you’re facing a mountain of debt that regularly causes you stress and concern, you may need to rethink your approach. It’s not that debt is a bad thing. Sometimes debt bodes well for your credit history. If you’re able to handle your debt without impacting funds for other priorities, you’re likely good.  

Consider that life is about balance. You should be able to make “vanity” purchases in this balance. Yet if you find yourself spending too much in the vanity category and it conflicts with your monthly obligations, an overhaul may be necessary. 

Saving with FitnessBank

Consider your savings. It’s always good to have that emergency stash as a safety net. If your savings account is always depleted, or if you have yet to establish one, you’re likely not in the best place financially.

One great resource in maintaining your finances is partnering with a competent, trustworthy banking institution. That’s where FitnessBank comes in. Contact us today to learn more.