Who’s High Risk For Identity Fraud?

Identity fraud is a major concern, regardless of who’s affected.

That said, there are some people who are especially at risk of identity fraud. Here’s a list of those who may be more likely to be targeted by predators, and should keep a close eye on their info.

The elderly are some of the main targets for would-be thieves. Many elderly are simply not as well-versed in modern technological advancements. This makes it easier for them to be tricked into sharing their personal information.

How Income Makes You A Target

While anyone can, in theory, be at risk, your income is a major factor. If you find yourself making above the national income average, you’ll likely be at a higher risk. That higher take-home pay is like blood in the water for these sharks.

Unlike other common crimes perpetrated by someone close to you, identity fraud usually comes at the hands of a complete stranger. This makes it very difficult to see it coming. Your best bet is to take preliminary cautions to ensure your information is safe.

How FitnessBank Helps

Even with numerous safeguards, identity theft is likely to fall under your radar. It’s often rare that it makes itself known through something like an outrageous fraudulent charge on your bank statement. Many times it’s your home bank that will catch these charges and make you aware of them.

That’s why it’s good to choose a bank that you can depend on. That’s where Fitness Bank comes in. Our team of financial experts remain on hand to ensure your account information’s integrity. Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today.