Common Senior Citizen Fraud Tactics

It’s a sad reality that as a senior citizen, there are people scheming on your finances with fraud tactics.

What should be a smooth transition into your golden years can become a nightmare without the proper safeguards. Part of this is knowing when and where con artists are likely to strike.

One of the most common fraud tactics comes from our mobile devices.

There are an infinite number of approaches scammers may take when using a phone. They can disguise their number, make use of automated recordings, and more to lull you into a false sense of safety. The key here is avoiding unrecognizable numbers. Also, it’s unlikely that reputable institutions will initiate transactions over the phone with first verifying their identity.

Avoiding Digital Fraud

In the digital space, your email address is another common place for fraud tactics. 

Spam, phishing, and more are used in an attempt to gain access to your sensitive information. That’s why it’s critical to never share your info over the net in this way. Any verifiable source will likely have a trusted third party site for authentication.

Speaking of the internet, it’s imperative you only visit trusted third party sites. Some criminals are advanced enough to host realistic sites that look no different from a reputable source. Again, use the utmost in judgement when visiting these. If even one letter is out of place in their site address, avoid it altogether.

Knowing What’s What with FitnessBank

Your tangible mail is also not safe from these attempts. If a scammer gets access to your mailing address, there’s nothing preventing them from sending you bogus statements or requests for further access. Again, exercise the utmost discretion when evaluating if something is legitimate.

At FitnessBank, we recognize our responsibility in keeping our clients safe.

That’s why we offer as much information as possible on navigating these murky financial waters. Have more questions about our advertised services? Contact us today to learn more.