Establishing Financial Security

Have you ever wondered if you were financially stable?

Though it may seem simple enough to tell, there are actual metrics for assessing your current standing. Paying your bills on time isn’t the only factor when it comes to financial security. There are actually some tried and true indicators to show a true marker of progress.

As such, FitnessBank has corralled these markers for your review below.

Keeping you informed and in good financial standing is our top priority. Read on to skim our comprehensive list, and take as much from it as possible to frame your future steps.

Billing and Debt

Even though it’s not the only marker, paying your bills on time is a great sign of financial stewardship.

It shows that you’ve prioritized payments to at least somewhat of a manageable state. You also get extra points if you pay ahead of your monthly minimums.

That said, it is also great if you’ve made a habit of paying down debt. Keeping your open accounts below 30% use is a great rule of thumb. If you have little to no debt, that’s also a big sign that you’ve been practicing the right financial health habits.

A Positive Mindset about Finances

Another great sign that you’re doing a bang up job with your money is your overall attitude towards it. If you don’t walk around with the typical stress of poor finances, you’re in a good place. That is, if your carefree attitude comes from already caring enough to make sound decisions prior.

Also, if you can make a vanity purchase without having to worry about it impacting your bills, that’s a good sign. Likewise, if you can’t make a personal purchase without it impacting your monthly billing, your financial decision making may need a bit of an overhaul.

What Your Savings Says About You

This brings us to the current state of your savings account. Having a dependable, reinforced savings pool on top being able to handle bills is a proverbial gold mine. If you find yourself constantly having to dip into your savings to stay afloat, there’s likely an area that could use improvement.
And lastly, there’s your credit. Your credit history paints a very clear picture of your spending habits. This also correlates directly to your ability to lock in big purchases with favorable interest rates, like a home or car. If your credit is in poor shape, you’ll likely be feeling it across the board.

Banking with  FitnessBank

Keeping track of your finances shouldn’t be a headache. But unfortunately, this is often a harsh reality for many. But the good news is, there’s help. And it starts with FitnessBank.

We offer incentives for joining our banking family that encourage both strong financial, and physical health. Your daily recorded steps are enough to get your better interest rates on our accounts. Want to learn more? Contact one of our experienced lenders today. We’ll do our part in making your financial standing a favorable one.