Identity Theft Victims: What You Should Know

So you’ve found yourself to be one of the millions of identity theft victims in the US.

We understand how awful of a situation identity theft is to be in. Having your personal information and privacy violated in such a way can leave you feeling enraged, paranoid, and dejected.

We won’t sugarcoat things, you’re in for a tough road to recovery. But the good news is, there are answers for getting these things back on track. That’s why FitnessBank has chosen to put together this checklist of to do’s, should you ever find yourself in this predicament.

Actions to Take Once You Know

First things first, you will want to reach out to the institutions that were on the receiving end of your stolen information. Let them know that you did not in fact initiate these actions. Tell them you’d like to stop whatever activity is occurring while you and the proper authorities figure things out. They should be more than accommodating once you’ve proven who you are.

Another vital step is to protect all of your legitimate accounts by resetting their credentials immediately.

Next you’ll want to make any of the big credit institutions aware of what you’ve found. Examine your credit history with a fine toothed comb to determine if there’s anything else out of place. Yes, it will be time consuming and tedious, and can feel overwhelming given all that’s happening. But it’s worth it to save yourself from more headaches in the future.

Trusting FitnessBank

One place you won’t have to worry about your vital information being compromised at FitnessBank. Our banking services come with the guarantee that we’ll protect any and all sensitive documentation sent our way. Have more questions on the banking options we offer? Contact us today to learn more.