Top 3 Hikes within an Hour of Washington, DC

In Washington, D.C., there's no better time than now to get your steps in.

That's because FitnessBank is now offering banking services to the area, with a twist.

Whenever you sign up for a FitnessBank Savings account, you’re able to start getting higher interest rates just for tracking your activity. And the good news is, in D.C., there’s no shortage of opportunities to get a good walk in. Take hiking, for example.

If you're a fan of traveling by foot across various terrains, this is the perfect list for you. We've gathered some of the top locales for a good hike in the area. Read on to learn more.

Rock Creek Park

First on our list is a returning selection: Rock Creek Park. But why do we highlight it so much? It’s because of how awesome the location is. First, it bears a ton of priceless history; it was inhabited for over a 1,000 years by indigenous peoples.

Fast forward to the dawn of the 1900’s, and the park received federal recognition. Now, its nature-filled scenery can be enjoyed by citizens at their leisure. Its eventful grounds are the perfect place to count your hike’s steps.


Kingman Island

Next up we have a more secluded location. At almost 50 acres in length, Kingman Island is another great opportunity for a good hike. It’s adjacent to Heritage Island, with the two converging across the Anacostia River. This location is great for those looking to get a less challenging hike in, as the terrain isn’t as difficult as some of its counterparts on this list.

Fort Dupon

The last piece of today’s list comes courtesy of a locale with great historical significance. Fort Dupont was one of the city’s strongholds during the civil war. Today, it’s a marvelous park that offers some great, hike-worthy grounds. In fact, there are multiple parks on the grounds, making it a must-see for the active traveler.


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